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Marcus Geibel
Dipl.-Dolmetscher / Dipl.-Übersetzer
Language Services


Your Viersen, Germany based expert in patent translations

Did you invent something and would like to patent it in a foreign country? Then entrust your patent translations to Viersen, Germany based Marcus Geibel Language Services. Our experienced translators are keenly aware of the numerous elements that play a key role in patent translations. This means we can offer you top shelf patent translations of the highest quality and accuracy.

Due diligence when it comes to patent translations

For a translator, delivering the highest quality should always come before anything else, whether we are talking of patents or marketing materials. A quality translation is much more than just a business card to a client. It's a reflexion of their values. In order to be able to deliver this quality, we as your partner in patent translations focus on comprehensive quality control to ensure your patent claims are accurately conveyed in the target language of your choice, both in terms of content and language.

Translations are a matter of trust

Trust is key for patent translations. Just think about the different requirements and deadlines to be met. Thanks to our many years of experience in patent translation, you can rely on the accuracy of your translated document.

Marcus Geibel Language Services is also your go-to provider for:

Entrust your patent translations to experienced hands

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact Marcus Geibel Language Services by calling +49 (0) 21 62 / 816 376 0 or completing the contact form.